a free two player tarot card battle game.

You just need the following:

1. A single tarot deck

Only one 78 card tarot deck (Major & Minor Arcana) is needed for both players. A custom deck from one of your favourite artists is best!

2. Pen & Paper

A pen & paper to keep track of each player’s Life Total. Dice or anything that tracks numbers can also be used.

3. The PDF rulebook

The PDF rulebook is FREE! Download it on this site or receive it from a friend. If you enjoy the game, donations are greatly appreciated!

BATTLE of TAROT is a two player card battling game using a single 78 card tarot deck inspired by games like Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, and maybe a little from MOBAs too.

“Armed with arcane spells, two medieval kingdoms meet on the battlefield for war.”

Play Minor Arcana suit cards from your hand to rally your armies on the battlefield to then march, flank, and battle the enemy until you can defeat your opponent’s castle. Each player is granted Major Arcana Divine Signs to cast as powerful arcane spells to turn the tides of war. Will the members of your court aid you in victory? Or will you be cut down and trampled into the sod by the advancing enemy? Only time will tell.

The game is now out of beta and officially released! If you’re interested in playing, download the rulebook for free and play with your friends. If you have any thoughts or feedback please consider filling out the playtest form, or use the contact form below. If you enjoy it, consider donating to the designer by clicking the button below to support this project and the development of future projects like it. Or even better yet, just tell your friends!

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