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BATTLE of TAROT rulebook – v.1.0

Release Notes


  1. Updated the Queen’s court card ability. The Queen no longer gets the bonus of enemy armies not having Advantage against the army. This proved too strong of an ability, while also causing a lot of confusion around Advantage and Flanking rules.
  2. Clarified Flanking and Marching rules. If you are able, you can march an army that has been previously declared as flanking, but you can still not undeclare a flanking army.
  3. Added a few additional rule details & clarifications.
  4. Minor wording adjustments throughout.


  1. Better visualisations! Added a Battle Example and Key Term visuals.
  2. Clarified that only one tarot deck is shared between both players, not one per player.
  3. Added better definition of key terms earlier in the rulebook.
  4. Corrected various typos and corrected term usage.
  5. Simplified ending of Actions phase rules when players passed.
  6. Cleaned up the Battle phase section and clarified Advantage vs Standard Combat Damage.
  7. Clarified some of the Divine Sign spell wording. (The Magician, The High Priestess, The Hierophant, The Hanged Man, Death, The Moon, The Sun, and Judgement).
  8. Changed the rules for The Fool, The Hermit, and The Sun Divine Signs.
  9. Clarified Flanking rules to specifically note that any Army who faces an adjacent enemy Army’s side is noted as a Flanking Army whether or not it was declared as such in the Actions round.
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The rulebook PDF for BATTLE of TAROT.